Looking past Myself in the Mirror

On my dresser mirror in large font, I have written in Expo marker the following statement:

“The foundation of ministry is character. The nature of ministry is service. The motive of ministry is love. The measure of ministry is sacrifice. The authority of ministry is submission. The purpose of ministry is the glory of God. The tools of ministry are the Word and prayer. The privilege of ministry is personal growth. The power of ministry is the Holy Spirit. The model of ministry is Jesus Christ.”

When I first stumbled across that quote, I absolutely loved it. I wanted it to be displayed as a reminder of my goal and passion for ministry, something to live by and encourage me. After a few weeks, however, it no longer registered as there. Now when I check my reflection in the mirror, I look past the words. I must pass it at least 10 times a day, yet not once since its discovery have I actually really let it sink  in. That is, until today. When I happened to glance over at the mirror today, I was surprised there were words I don’t even notice half the time. I began to read. That’s when it hit me- If this is what I say I want to do and this is who I say I want to be, why am I not really striving for that goal?

In the distant future, I see myself accomplishing all my dreams and being an amazing woman of God. Right now, I find myself not taking many steps to actually get there. I think that amidst all the high school drama and freedom from any heavy responsibilities, I’ve forgotten the distance I still need to cover to reach my goal in life. I want to live for the glory of God, but I’ve put it off as something to do in the future when I have time and money and I’m not just a kid. What I don’t realize is that every single one of those traits listed above are something I could be exemplifying now. For the most part, I just choose not to.

If the foundation of ministry is character, am I actively molding my character to build a worthy ministry?

If the nature of ministry is service, am I involved in helping others and am I gaining more wisdom and love for others through experience?

If the motive of ministry is love, am I loving others in such a way that people see Jesus through me?

If the measure of ministry is sacrifice, am I giving up the things I love and cherish to help build His kingdom and display His glory?

If the purpose of ministry is the glory of God, am I not at all seeking worldly riches and fame through my work and service for others?

If the tools of ministry are the Word and prayer, am I continuously using these to gain more wisdom and understanding to bring others closer to God?

If the privilege of ministry is personal growth, am I going to never subconsciously preach something without taking it to heart?

If the power of ministry is the Holy Spirit, am I completely trusting my life to the Holy Spirit instead of believing I can accomplish something apart from God?

If the model of ministry is Jesus Christ, am I pointing to Him?

Right now, the answer is no for the majority of these questions. But by surrendering to God and using the time and skills I have now to build what I dream of accomplishing, I can transform the answer for each question to a yes. Throughout my day, I want to remember who I’m living for and what I can be doing at that very moment to bring myself closer to where I one day strive to be. I know God has an amazing plan for me, and by continuously seeking His will and trusting Him with every aspect of my life, I will slowly but surely be shaped into the woman I know I’m meant to be. I still have quite a distance to cover, but I have no doubt in my mind that I can do this.

One comment

  1. whatdoiknowofholy

    That’s a great quote Jessie (:
    I have the same problem. I have a Bible verse that I put on my dry erase board in my room and I look at it probably 20 times in a day, but I’ve learned to look past it. I think we all struggle with actually carrying out the lives we as Christians aspire to live, but that’s where our youth grants us an advantage; we have years and years (if God’s will permits us) to grow with him in a personal relationship, and as our faith grows, so does our wisdom (: keep it up!!

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