Compromising My Standards

I found myself making exceptions I wouldn’t normally make this week. You see, I am desperate for a job.

I’ve resorted to Toys R’ Us. That’s how desperate I am.

At first, I promised myself I wouldn’t apply to any places pertaining to people of small nature, otherwise known as children or sometimes little demons, but considering I just took a 50-question personality survey to apply at a toy store, I made an exception.

And once I made that first exception, the others came more easily. I applied at a children’s clothing store today. I even filled out an application for Claire’s Club. I’ve been making a dozen phone calls each night to the very places I said I wouldn’t be caught dead applying to. I guess I’ve compromised my standards a bit.

As I was contemplating on the downward spiral my desperation has taken, I realized how often similar situations arise for a Christian. Whether it’s because of our environment, peer pressure, or conflicts in the mind, we all face obstacles in our lives that require us to reevaluate the promises we’ve made to ourselves and more importantly, to God.

If we say we want to live for Him and have complete faith in Him, then we need to back that up with our actions. If we’re not consistently staying in God’s Word and putting our trust in Him, we can end up compromising our standards. We may end up agreeing to something less than what God wants for us. And once we do, it gets easier every time.

A year ago I told God I would stop gossiping. I believe gossip is a sin and it benefits no one. Lately, however, I’ve been talking about people more than ever since my walk with Christ. And it all began with that one exception, that one little piece of juicy gossip too good to keep to myself.

A few weeks ago I skipped reading my Bible for a couple days. I told myself it wouldn’t make a difference. I was wrong. Ever since then, I’ve been struggling with getting back into His Word, connecting with Him again. My blog posts are less frequent, my prayers are less earnest, and my worship is less wholehearted. I regret taking that time off from God because it’s hindered my walk with Christ.

One small decision can affect us in big ways.

As I continue searching for a job this week, I want to focus on my relationship with God. I feel like I’ve really put Him temporarily on the back burner lately. What worries me is that my temporary isolation from God has become very hard to break. Just like my desperation led me to temporarily, then eventually permanently, search for a job in the places I claimed to loathe, my distance from God can lead me miles astray. Thankfully, my separation from Him will never be permanent.

“We were buried with him through baptism into death in order that, just as Christ was raised from the dead through the glory of the Father, we too may live a new life. If we have been united with him like this in his death, we will certainly also be united with him in his resurrection.” (Romans 6:4-5)

If you’re struggling with something right now, perhaps a compromise you made or a promise you didn’t keep, I encourage you to take the time to work those things out NOW. Every second we waste not living the way God calls us to live is dragging us further and further away from His plan for us. It’s never too late to follow in His footsteps again, but if you’re really far off the track, it’s going to be awfully hard to make up for that lost distance.


  1. Clara

    Hello! I came across your tumblr page and then to your wordpress page(: I’m seriously impressed by your works and words(:

    Enjoyed reading this post and I could relate to it very well(:

    God bless(:

  2. Suzanne van Driel

    Thank you for this blog.

    ‘Every second we waste not living the way God calls us to live is dragging us further and further away from His plan for us. It’s never too late to follow in His footsteps again, but if you’re really far off the track, it’s going to be awfully hard to make up for that lost distance.’

    It’s exactly what I am struggling a few weeks. It is difficult to get back the relationship with God to build. It seems at times it even easier to not live with God. But each time I find that a life without God is impossible.

    Today I looked at the testimony of Jeremy Camp on the EO Youth Day in the Netherlands two years ago. I have the texts read in my Bible what he read. At that moment I felt love me back flow, a feeling of peace and happiness. It is comming good, it just has a lot of time and motivation from me. Blogs remain just that I write, I often learn a lot from them and it builds me up in faith.

    Thank you again, Jessie, for your blog on the just moment!

  3. Nick

    Awesome! A very mature post, yet again teaching me the things I should have learnt by now. And yet again spookily similar to some of my recent thoughts, in fact this very evening I will be preaching from Romans 8 where Paul says that he is convinced nothing can separate us from the love of God. The simple truth is we are never separated from the love of God, it is always there. Sometimes however because we can’t feel it we assume God has deserted us rather than asking what is going on in our heads that we can’t recognise His love.

    I love it when the Bible writers say things like awake my soul and praise God. It reminds me that sometimes we have to make an effort to get our whole being on the same page.

    Thanks Jessie!

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