Back to School

High school’s rough. Can I hear an amen to that?

I won’t lie. I dislike school with a passion. I like friends, I like my teachers, I even like eating the cafeteria lunches, but learning? Education? Yuck. I don’t think calculating significant figures and memorizing the names and dates of the battles during the Civil War will benefit me in any way, shape, or form in the future.

The day I got back from winter break, I was thrust back into the loop and discovered that my classes were going to be a bit more challenging than I imagined, not to mention immensely boring.

My motivation hit an all-time low. I had already started planning on getting a consent form for my parents to sign allowing me to drop out. I even thought of ways to “beat the system”- find someone who had the classes last year, bake cookies for my teachers, hide under a rock?

Not surprisingly, I went home entirely bummed. I was so excited about a new semester, a new year (2011, baby!), and getting more opportunities to spread the love of Christ around my school. Instead, I was bombarded with homework, stress, and anxiety. I could not remember the last time I felt so negative and helpless towards learning.

As I was thinking about my entirely disappointing day, I stopped in my tracks.

Why am I here, Lord?

I understand that we have free public education in the United States and it is required to go to school for a certain amount of years. I understand that my parents expect me to graduate with honors and go to college. I understand that jobs won’t want to hire me without education and I need to know more than just the basics if I want to go far in life.

But in all honesty, that does not matter much to me. These are important things, but they are not my focus. My focus is Christ.

This is why I’m here- to give glory to God in all situations and selflessly minister to those around me.

And how can I be expected to do such a thing if I’m complaining about the test I have next week or the person I’m forced to sit next to in History class?

In Colossians 3, we are told to “do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him” and “work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, rather than for men.”

When we are doing something in the name of the Lord Jesus, we are carrying his name with us, offering our actions, speech, and behavior as a testimony to his awesome power. When we are giving thanks to God, we are not complaining or worrying, but rather rejoicing in the work laid out before us. Putting one’s heart and soul into labor is difficult for a lot of people to do, especially when the work is unpleasant or stressful on the body or mind, but how joyous and delighted must those people who go above and beyond  feel when they are rewarded for their work and are able to see the fruits of their labor?

It is all for Jesus.

So this is my prayer for myself and for you.

No matter what tasks we must do, we will remember who we are working for. Not for men, but for the Lord.

Looks like I have a long semester ahead of me, but with Christ, I can do anything.


  1. KR Heintz

    That, is AWESOME!!! Bless you for your wisdom & perspective! God calls us to GIVE OUR ALL!!! Like my science substitute TEACHER once said, if you got your butt out of bed & to school, why not do the work?

    May God bless you, sister,
    Pravda Veritas Writer

  2. G

    Awesome! I KNOW you can do it! Let us know if there is anything we can do to encourage you this semester. You are in our prayers continully. Love, G & G

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