A No-God Cannot Save

“Since September 11, 2001, I have seen more clearly than ever how essential it is to exult explicitly in the excellence of Christ crucified for sinners and risen from the dead. Christ must be explicit in all our God- talk. It will not do, in this day of pluralism, to talk about the glory of God in vague ways. God without Christ is no God. And a no-God cannot save or satisfy the soul. Following a no-God- whatever his name or whatever his religion- will be a wasted life. God-in-Christ is the only true God and the only path to joy.” – John Piper, Don’t Waste Your Life

Reading this, I feel some conviction.

I do believe that Jesus Christ is the truth, the way, and the life. I do believe that God without Christ is not God at all.

But if this is so, then why do I often find myself being vague?

Yes, I do not want to offend people. But isn’t the point of having the Good News to also share it? I’m not saying we all need to go out into the streets and yell out “Jesus is the only way to eternal life!” What I am getting at here is that we have a hope- a hope in Christ, more specifically- that should not be hidden. When people ask what our hope is in, what good does it do for anyone to be vague?

“I have hope in God.” Well, yes, so do many people who are of all different kinds of faiths.

“I have hope in Jesus.” Now this raises a question that is behind many people’s lips: Why?

And this is where a divine opportunity can come into place. God wants to move through us. He wants to be glorified through us. He doesn’t need us, but he chooses to use us. We are missing out on those opportunities to be used when we try to spread the Gospel through vagueness and sheepishness. People don’t need more questions. They need an answer. And that answer is Jesus Christ.


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