God Keeps His Promises

God’s promises.

Seems like a pretty vague topic, but for some of you, it may be quite specific.

Maybe God has revealed a piece of his plan for you, but you’re currently waiting for it to come to pass.

Maybe you’re clinging onto a certain verse or part of Scripture that is very personal to you and describes something God has in store for you.

The point is, most of us, if not all of us, are holding onto a promise from God and, more importantly, waiting for it to arrive.

What sometimes ends up happening in the midst of us waiting is that we try to take things into our own hands. After all, if God isn’t immediately moving, why don’t we? Right? Patience isn’t a strong suit for many people in this situation.

I was reminded tonight of the story of Abraham and Sarah and of how God made a promise to Abraham that involved Sarah bearing a child. Sarah, however, was in her old age, and because of a lack of patience and a lack of complete trust in God’s promise, she told Abraham to have a child with her maid, Hagar, instead.

Well, Hagar indeed had a son. His name was Ishmael. I won’t go into complete detail, but let’s just say that Ishmael was not exactly a blessing to the family. After much drama and thirteen entire years, Sarah finally had a son of her own named Isaac.

Isaac was the fulfillment of one of God’s promises to Abraham; however, because Sarah took things into her own hands out of doubt and impatience, Ishmael occurred as well.

What I’m getting at is that sometimes we trust in God’s promises and we believe He’ll do what He says He’s going to do, yet we lose patience and tend to try to control the situation. Usually, we end up creating a little Ishmael that has large consequences.

Waiting on God to fulfill His promises is not always fun, but it’s a necessary component for growth and discipline. Did I mention that Sarah and Abraham had to wait THIRTEEN whole years for Isaac after Ishmael was born?

We need to protect ourselves from creating Ishmael disasters by loading up on God’s truth to dispel the lies.

Sample lie #1: My plan is better than God’s plan.

Sample truth #1: His plan is so far above my own.

Sample lie #2: I need this to happen for me right now.

Sample truth #2: There’s a reason God is delaying this from happening, and because God is good, this delay is also good.

What lies are you believing right now that are holding you back from trusting and waiting on God’s promises?

What can you do right now to surrender your man-made plans to God’s divine plan for your life?

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