The Awesomeness of Our God

I want to write. I have a yearning in my fingers. And the truth is, I have no idea what to write right now because there’s both so much and yet so little going on in my life right now. I can recount how God has spoken to me through the book of Jeremiah this week or I can share personal experiences from the past couple of months that people could relate to or learn from. But honestly, there is one thing and one thing only that I want to say right now, and I think it’d be sufficient.

God is awesome.

That’s it. Plain and simple. God is awesome.

Just think about that word. No, not “God.” I mean, the word “awesome.” It has “awe” in it, which makes me want to say it in an extremely obnoxious way. “AWE-some, dude!”

But let’s think about this even more. God is awesome. He is awe-inspiring, I guess you could say. We are in awe of Him. But are we really?

If God is so awesome and we tell people of His awesomeness, why are we so quick to turn our backs to Him when things in our life aren’t turning out the way we wanted them? Or worse, we turn our backs to Him when things in our life are going the way we wanted them.

Maybe what we all need is to just sit down and truly contemplate on God’s awesomeness. When we catch a glimpse, just a mere glimpse of His awesomeness, why would we want to look at anything else?

If you don’t necessarily agree about the importance of this statement, I dare you to continue the rest of your week, even the rest of your month, without living in awe of God. What will you end up observing in your life? Sin in the world. Ugliness and dirtiness and suffering. Pain and sorrow and depression and anger and violence. Negativity. The mistakes you make and the failures in your life.

Why is that? Because if we’re not looking at God, we’re either looking at ourselves or looking out at the world, and those two latter things, my friends, are not pleasant sights.

This is not to say that focusing on God and allowing yourself to truly reflect on His awesomeness and worthiness will entirely change the world we live in. Sin will continue existing until Jesus’ return. Suffering will continue, the kind of pain we can only beg for Jesus to either take away or somehow use for His good. We will not suddenly be blinded to reality.

Then what is different? Our eyes will be opened to a different reality. The way we view life will suddenly change from a hopelessness to a hopefulness because of the grace of God we can only know from knowing Him. The way we view ourselves and our own finiteness on this earth compared to God’s eternal greatness that we can only somewhat grasp when we look at His sovereignty and the beauty of His creation. The way we view the world, filled with people who need to know of Jesus’ love that we only feel ourselves because He first loved us and made a way for us to personally experience a relationship with Him.

Why would we ever forget how awesome our God is?

I don’t really know how to close this post. I feel like I could go on for at least ten more paragraphs about how amazing God is. But I’d rather you just go find out for yourself. Take a gander at your Creator.

There are still days where I myself am completely oblivious to the presence of God. How empty those days feel because I know now what it’s like to experience life in Christ!

I long for everyone to experience this life, but I know it can only happen when those same people first take a look, a real look, at the worthiness, holiness, and awesomeness of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

So if you haven’t taken that look, please do. And if you have taken that look but have sort of let your eyes wandered, direct them back. He is the only One who matters. He is the only one worthy of awe.

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