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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…

I’ll be honest, I am guilty of judging others from time to time. While I don’t exactly know what’s going on inside ofpeople, I judge them by their actions and words. I see how they’re living their lives and make assumptions and opinions off of that without really finding out what’s going on in their hearts. I won’t deny that a person’s behavior and attitude can reflect the heart. What I’m saying is that though that may be true, it’s not right for me to think I get the whole picture, know their whole lives, understand what they’re going through, or see who they really are. There’s always going to be some part of them that’s unexposed to even their closest friends and relatives. This is true for everyone.

Realizing this, I know it’s unfair for me to judge people, even the ones I think I know inside and out. I can be a very controlling person and when people don’t do things how I think they should, I sometimes find myself pitying them, thinking that while I’ve got it all together, they’re going to fail miserably because they’re not complying with my standards and opinions on how they should run their lives. The true problem here is not them, but me.

I’m forgetting that we are all beautiful masterpieces of the one true Creator. We all have shortcomings and flaws we’re less than proud of. ¬†We are all more alike than we’d really want to admit. Though it’s so easy to judge a friend or neighbor, it becomes almost a nightmare to switch the lens and focus the camera on myself. I tend to think I know best for myself AND for other people, which causes me to look down on others who don’t meet my expectations and standards. This not only affects my relationships with others, but also affects my relationship with myself. By becoming too proud and not acknowledging my own issues within, I’m setting myself up to fall miserably. I need a reality check to remind me that the path I’m on doesn’t lead to where God wants me to be.

I recently stumbled upon a metaphor that just really clicked in my mind. Like a person who sees a piece of a spinach stuck between their teeth yet doesn’t try to pick it out, so many of us see something within our hearts and lives that needs to change, but we never actually do anything about it. We blatantly ignore the issue and instead focus on others’, as if to distract ourselves from the real problem at hand. When will we finally be able to directly look at ourselves in the mirror and admit the things that are holding us back from living to our fullest potential as sons and daughters of Christ?