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Rejected and Neglected

Today I was hit by a sad realization.

Some people just don’t care. Whether it’s because they were only pretending to begin with or they somehow got too wrapped up in their own lives, there are those “friends” who turn out to not be as supportive and friendly as you thought after all.

I have plenty of people like that in my life. They ask how I am, but don’t want to listen. They give false promises and say things they don’t mean. They’ll even say they’re praying for you when, in reality, you don’t cross their mind. When I pass by them, it’s as if I don’t exist. If I’m sitting alone, they’ll remain with their group of friends, turning their backs as if they don’t notice me.

And I’m sure that if I confronted these people and asked them if they “have my back”, they’d give a confident head nod and warm reassurance.

I’m sure this sounds like a rant of some sort, and in a way, it is. But it’s also more than that.

I want this to be a wake-up call.

I want this to wake up the people who know they haven’t been there for people like they should, who see the dejected and┬álonely ones sitting by themselves yet do nothing to put an end to it.

This is for the people who vow they want to be Christ-like and effective witnesses for His name, but can’t seem to find the time in their schedules to get to know the people around them.

This is for the people who claim to care, but don’t do anything to show it- to friends, loved ones, classmates, and neighbors.

If this is you, then listen:

There are people in this world that need a friend. And many of them need hope, the very same hope you have in your soul because of the Gospel that you might not really care to share.

I’m not bitter or angry. I’m not trying to tear you down or cause any grief.

My goal is this: to correct you in your self-consumed ways and remind you that you have a greater purpose on this earth.

If that’s not enough of an incentive, then I don’t know what is.